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3/4 oz local politics
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1/4 oz disaster preparedness
1/2 oz alamo square

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Q for Mayor: the fundraiser special.

In the most recent episode of As the Progressive World Turns, titled "Quintin Challenges the Mayor", my friend Q filed for candidacy for office, summoned the rag-tag team of the usual suspects headed by Progressive philanthropist Andy Blue, put together a solid platform, and opened office in the Lower Haight. A little late in the game, but better late than never to stir up conversation and remind the mainstream media that not everyone challenging Gavo is a complete loonie (nsfw).

Q with manager Andy Blue and Dan

Q for Mayor Website / Q for Mayor Myspace

In the two months that Quintin has been a mayoral candidate, he has won the endorsements of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, the Harvey Milk Dem Club, a number of indispensable community leaders, and yours truly. Sick of Gavo and his gel-haired posturing? Then don't sit this one out. There are some important propositions on the ballot that you should look into, anyway. Just remember this on November 6:


Now, a confession: I avoid 80% of all fundraisers unless I help to organize them. And when I do attend, it's either for a cause I really stand behind, or to shamelessly steal event ideas for my own projects (I mean educate self in the advanced techniques of obtaining money. Yea. That's it.) But now that I've (hesitantly, reluctantly) joined the ranks of the casually suited nine-to-fivers, and am no longer scraping by on a campaign salary, I should really be more conscious of where I make my contributions. I mean, sure, I have more than $20 in my pocket, but I just can't swing being a $500 donor and still comfortably pay for a warm spot to lay my head down at night.

But I digress. Last night I was fortunate enough to have the good sense to attend Quintin Mecke's Absolutely Best Fundraiser Ever, a food hacking experience orchestrated by brilliant chef Marc Powell, whose idea of community building through cooking beats any other "ice breaker" kind of activity straight out of the water. 60 people, four dedicated chefs stirring, flipping, and tossing things over the stove, the rest is up to the guests. Everyone who came had a chance to contribute to the meal in some way: plating, seasoning, playing waiter, tasting mango bits bloated with tequila... and everyone got just a little closer via this collaboration. There are only so many times you can bump into the cilantro seasoning person with your hand full of basil leaves before you introduce yourself.

With the exception of people who have food-related phobias or are uncomfortable eating around others, food puts people at a natural ease. Doubly so if you have a room full of people falling in love with soup or making noises one typically hears in bedrooms (yes, the food was THAT good.) The lesson here? When asking people for money, offer something in return that they will love.



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