{ metropolis devoured }
a tribute to my san francisco

3/4 oz scotch whiskey
3/4 oz local politics
1/4 oz public policy
1/4 oz disaster preparedness
1/2 oz alamo square

Shake over neighborhood dives & venues, strain into a chilled cocktail dress, garnish with a sprig of gov 2.0, and serve.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shooting for success.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Avalos and Daly clans at a kiddy birthday party, where Sarah handed me a 2 month old child and I promptly freaked out. Let this be a lesson to all: do not hand me your babies, I don't know what to do with them. Adam shot John (and I assisted), surrounded by community members and friends as well as solo, and overall we had an extremely productive day all over the district. This was all made possible by the return of the sun, so hell yea, welcome back warm weather! I am about to go grab my bike and hit the park.

10:30pm edit: Today, however, was as opposite of "productive" as you can get without spending an entire day in bed. Since my post this afternoon, the roommate and I made plans to watch a movie at AMC1000 and hit the gym two blocks up Van Ness - all good and healthy intentions, keeping in mind our Hawaii trip coming up fast at the end of March - but instead we just spent 6 hours in the theater. Go us.


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