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Monday, August 11, 2008

Toys courtesy of your friendly neighborhood defense development fund...

I'm not a huge fan of traditional military procedure and behavior (hence my ever-growing interest in all things COIN), but I sure do love the concept toys and prototypes developed by and for our national defenses.

Don't you feel that much safer knowing that someday you could have a convenient folding submachine gun-slash-flashlight (the MagPul FMG9), about the size and weight of a textbook, to take with you on long walks in the dark?

I know I do.


And that our guys will have superior secret-stealing methods, aided by optical camouflage technologies such as the invisible rain coat?

But my favorite, by far, is the 360-degree-spinning, sideways-driving, parallel-parking?-No-problem! two-passenger vehicle, the spectacular HURRICANE. You know, I will always be a Wrangler girl at heart.. and if these babies were street legal (or, you know, produced for consumers at all), I'd be having so much fun right about now.

P.S. I've been adding really good articles on the South Ossetia war to my google reader, which you can also see on the side-bar of this blog. Check 'em out.


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