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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Prop E supporters crash Wilsey fundraiser

This week my adventurous Proggie friends crashed Gavin's fundraiser at socialite Dede Wilsey's Pac Heights mansion (incidentally, the first Google search for her name pulls up an International Herald Tribune article titled "Society queen, evil stepmother or both?" - how fitting). This is the Dede Wilsey who is the worst kind of aging socialite cliche, who believes the Golden Gate Park and its cultural establishments to be a monument to her I-am-larger-than-life self, and who sent hefty checks to Republican goldenboys Romney (who raised the most money but is still 4th in the polls; do they award special mention prizes for primary nominations? didn't think so) and McCain (who scares me more than a little, so I'm not going to say anything about him. at. all.)

The fundraiser was held to raise money to deafeat Measure E, a charter ammendment that would mandate the Mayor to meet with the Supervisors once a month. A little history: last year, ordinary citizens like you and me voted in Prop I, which also asked the Mayor to meet with the Supervisors once a month. The proposition was non-binding, so naturally despite its popularity, the Mayor ignored it. This has been a basic tenent of his administration: ignoring things that aren't held at the Matrix Fillmore.

Unfortunately, I couldn't join my chicken-suited friends because of the whole employment situation, but I'd like to extend my full support to their actions and their great coverage of the event (the outside of the event, anyway). Long live citizen journalism, and to the rude older gentleman who made a cheap shot at the protesters not doing anything with themselves: A big, mansion-sized, high-gloss, diamond-studded, double-parking Fuck you. What, were you expecting something more eliquent for that embittered, dry piece of garbage? I for one am damn tired of the last-ditch-effort link between progressives and umemployment.



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