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Sunday, September 21, 2008

My 2008 campaign favorite:

I'm not gonna lie: I play favorites like a mean teacher. While there are plenty of great campaigns this election cycle - both local and statewide (No on 4, No on 8), all very important - as well as wonderful progressive candidates, there is one who I stand behind particularly strongly, and no, folks, it's not Ross Mirkadreamy. After two years of nervous giggling and shuffling like an overdressed schoolgirl around The Beast, as of last Friday's Rickshaw Stop fundraiser, I now have a new political crush. Unfortunately he's taken, and by the impossibly elegant Karen Zapata no less, but after watching our dear John Avalos hit the dance floor and display some serious levels of funk, I was positively infatuated.

John is also one of the hardest working advocates for labor and families in San Francisco, a familiar face to anyone who's ever been to a union rally or protest against the unfair treatment of our janitors, nurses, hotel workers, neighbors, brothers and sisters.

John is also as witty as he is a good dancer, and if you managed to miss the Rickshaw Stop event, then you missed this gem:

"I thought I knew a lot about District 11... We have artists, we have writers from Latin America or known in the Latin American world, here who are just pushing a broom in San Francisco. We have musicians, we have youth activists, we have incredible teachers, the most incredible people. And we also have foreign policy experience in District 11, because believe it or not, we can see the top of the hill of Daly City from our houses!"

If previous electoral cycles have made you politically cynical whatsoever, please pay attention to John's run for Supervisor in District 11... it's bound to be an inspiring campaign and an even sweeter victory. Better yet, sign up to volunteer and DONATE TO THE CAMPAIGN (any amount makes a difference, and if you are a San Francisco resident, your contributions are matched 100% by Public Financing!)



Blogger isabel said...

I herd that Ahsha Safai sexually harassed one of his campaign staff. Is that true?

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