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a tribute to my san francisco

3/4 oz scotch whiskey
3/4 oz local politics
1/4 oz public policy
1/4 oz disaster preparedness
1/2 oz alamo square

Shake over neighborhood dives & venues, strain into a chilled cocktail dress, garnish with a sprig of gov 2.0, and serve.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Because we all love boobs...

This past weekend my partner in crime and I walked 40 miles in the Avon 2-Day Walk to raise money for the treatment and research of breast cancer. It was an amazing experience, and I want to wholeheartedly thank all of my generous donors who gave to such an important cause. I like to think that I am involved in the business of getting women elected to political office, so as far as I see it, the first objective is to shut down the disease most responsible for claiming the lives of women.

Check out my photos from the walk on Facebook.


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