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a tribute to my san francisco

3/4 oz scotch whiskey
3/4 oz local politics
1/4 oz public policy
1/4 oz disaster preparedness
1/2 oz alamo square

Shake over neighborhood dives & venues, strain into a chilled cocktail dress, garnish with a sprig of gov 2.0, and serve.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our earthquake.

Earthquake, San Francisco, not particularly unusual. 8:05 pm, I am in the middle of a heated discussion, standing in my restroom doorway in my apartment. The mirror on the north wall of my livingroom rattles against the wall. Something sounds like it's rocking back and forth in the ceiling but that's about it. The folks on the third floor probably felt it more than us. The light posts outside my windows are swaying slightly.

Folks over at SFist are discussing the potential for animals to sense natural disasters ahead of time. Doesn't sound completely implausible, and this guy claims his "golden" was going crazy, but over the course of his comments on this site I've generally come to accept 99.9% of things he says as complete bullshit (plus, who says "my golden"?). This person claims his cat was crying - you know what my domestic animal was doing? The same damn thing he was doing all evening. Sleeping on a pillow in a chair. Thanks for the warning, PJ. Let's see how well you survive on carpet lint for a week.

But seriously, we get more of a rattle when two buses pass each other.


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