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Monday, April 28, 2008

On the high seas...

Yesterday marked the official opening of the San Francisco Bay for the boating season (always the last weekend in April), and they could not have had better luck with weather: gorgeous, warm sunshine that makes sailing bearable without a heavy water-proof parka. Now, I'm a newbie to the marvelous world of seals and choppy waters and boats that seem like they're about to tip over, so I wasn't there.

But I did go out on the Bay the day before on the charter yacht Ruby under the heavy supervision of Captain Josh, who sold us Anchor Steams, gave us sandwiches, and told us to hold on to the railing, all in all making sure that we got back roughly in the same condition we departed in. Captain Josh is an interesting character, the boat ride is fun as hell (especially all the tipping and sliding sideways), the music is 90's hip hop, and overall it's a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. Also, hands down, most interesting view of the San Francisco industrial piers that you can hope to get. Maybe I am a sailing kinda gal after all.

Captain Josh



Blogger Sakkis said...

How much was it to go out with Cpt. Josh??

9:53 AM  
Blogger Sakkis said...

Tell me more. Did you actually get to do any sailing or was it more of a lounging trip?? How much??

9:26 AM  

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