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3/4 oz scotch whiskey
3/4 oz local politics
1/4 oz public policy
1/4 oz disaster preparedness
1/2 oz alamo square

Shake over neighborhood dives & venues, strain into a chilled cocktail dress, garnish with a sprig of gov 2.0, and serve.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Decision Day 2009

In the face of today's sad news regarding Prop 8, the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, we are still lucky to have a silver lining. A loss just means a better organizing opportunity; people who will fight like they've never fought before. And the bright hope of our future electeds:

Commissioners Debra Walker and Rafael Mandelman, candidates for the Supe seats for Districts 6 and 8, respectively. Photo courtesy of Kip Williams.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

All adventures start with a full plate...

I can talk food for days. Literally, days. I think it's my favorite subject, above and beyond, because unlike politics it tends to garner only the most positive of reactions, and while I don't mind cooking up a nasty look every once in a while, I'd much rather be cooking something with lemon grass and turmeric.

On my recent vacation to Chiang Mai, Thailand (which I am still planning to write about, but you know how it is, I tend to drop the ball on long-term blog projects), I took a Thai cooking class in a little open-air bungalow. Before the class, the instructor took my partner and me to the produce market, where my eyes went buck-wild and I turned into a trigger-happy camera-holder. The market was insane. Fresh produce, vivid colors, pungent scents, strong flavors, you name it. Check out some photos:

the market

tom yum soup

tom kha ingredients: lemon grass, slice of thai ginger (galangal), chilis, kaffir lime leaves, corriander, slice of turmeric

closer look at the tom kha bundle

chilis and thai eggplant bundles

fruit: rambutans, mangosteens, som (thai oranges), young coconuts

lancet fruit, dragon fruit, asian pears

thai eggplant, thai ginger, chilis, turmeric, herbs

tiny hot chilis

msuhrooms, beans, and heart of palm

Hopefully soon I'll have time to post photos of all the food from the cooking classes. Stay tuned!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is what "vacation" looks like...