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Friday, September 26, 2008

Palin on Couric: like nails on a chalkboard...

These days, one can't turn a corner without someone pointing out the flaws in Republican Veep hopeful Sarah Palin's thought process and logic. It's a familiar echo from 2000 and 2004 when the people rallied behind a momentous outcry, "Really? THIS GUY? Really? But look at what he said..." which is when young idealists either learned or failed to learn that people vote predictably along party lines, not based on "best choice". So it does just about as much damage to point out the obvious lack of information displayed by one Gov. Sarah Palin in public, like in this interview with CBS's Katie Couric:

But it's still kind of fun.

I am loving her incredibly noncommittal vague answers, and that when asked for a more thorough explanation, she repeats her originally vague response. I love that she points out McCain's "track record of leadership" as a positive toward new regulations, even though his "track record" is proven to be anti-regulation. When pressed on the moratorium on foreclosures, she doesn't give a single actual answer, and instead opts for a long list of political buzz words (phrases that momentarily stun the listener but when looked at closer, mean nothing): "see these amendments implemented", "leadership qualities and pragmatism", "multifaceted solution", "comprehensive long-term solution". Just who preps this woman before her scheduled public appearances? I've watched enough of the West Wing to know that's an invaluable position she might consider hiring for...

For our joint masochistic pleasure, here is another clip from this interview that I just can't bear to embed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8Km8L3FBWI Palin shows her unwavering support for Israel... no matter what! And don't get me wrong, fellow Jews, US aide to and alliance with Israel is as important to me as it is to anyone, but where do we draw the line? When do we say, "If you're going to bring this down to good guys vs. bad guys... literally... maybe we might be better off without you pigeonholing our area of the world?"

What we really should be asking, and where we should be pointing fingers, is "who is responsible for this current economic clusterfuck we're in?" No more of this "let's find a solution together" bullshit, because that obviously has had no merit. And to McCain supporters readily pointing out his 2005 co-sponsorship of a bill for increased Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac regulation? Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, my friends, for his attempt to reform the government’s involvement in lending three years ago actually gave the institutions a free year sans regulation and the ability to further "exploit their subsidies". Last I remember, "exploit" is not a favorable phrase. Maybe they're "bad guys", and we should let clear-sighted Sarah Palin clue us in. You see, she is an expert in "bad guys"...



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