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1/2 oz alamo square

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Georgia rain; More oil around the world

Georgia prays for rain; skies immediately shed any deceptive signs of cloud formations and the sun shines. Hasn't cloud seeding been effectively practiced in the US since the 1950's? Or is this one of those Southern don't-mess-with-God's-plan sort of things that prevent the use of sciences when it's 2007 and no one in this country should live with the threat of starvation? Besides - and this may be a tad sacrilegious - wouldn't you think God would like a little more effort put into this alleged prayer than the Governor and his wife taking a power-nap in public?

Now this is the kind of rain prayer that would get my attention if I was God! These Georgians, they could learn a thing or two. Or cloud seed. Their business.

The Bay Area and its northern coastal neighbors continue to work to clean up the residuals of the 58,000 gallons of shipping fuel spilled from the Bay Bridge area; meanwhile 650,000 gallons of probably worse shipping fuel are spilled in the Black Sea thanks to Russia's complete disregard for environmental standards and a severe overestimation of their oil transport equipment. MSNBC has a great slide-show of this event, but unfortunately it's not blog-friendly.


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